Liz Gebhardt

Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Liz has a penchant for uncharted territory. Some of her adventures have included trekking to the Congo to look for mountain gorillas and searching the Scottish Highlands for a certain beach from a certain movie (she found it). This also happens to describe her unique approach to building media and technology businesses, as well as in creating programming. As fervently as she believes in being informed and prepared, she equally embraces the unknown.

In her twenty years of hands-on strategic, technical and creative experience in the media and technology worlds, Liz has been on the forefront of many new frontiers — ranging from the early days of music and new media at Apple Computer to recent involvement with digital network development, social media, branded content, integrating live and digital events, and sustainable technology/design. Her work has included engagements with a diverse list of companies, from numerous startups to established and Fortune 500 companies.

Equal parts business strategist, tech geek and creative producer who lives at the intersection of Web meets (live) World, Liz is especially adept at creating best of breed teams with an eye for both the creative and business aspects of an assignment. She lives for challenge, and is just as comfortable helping CXOs or entrepreneurs, as she is creating programming for 400,000 fans at a multi-day rock festival.

She holds an MBA with honors from UCLA, and has studied film, digital video, photography and writing at UCLA, Stanford University, the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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