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Engage vs. Tell

Boomers. GenXers. GenNexers. Regardless of the generation a brand is trying to reach, a relevant and emotional connection must be forged with the audience. With the proliferation of media vehicles that people have to choose from today - or perhaps more likely, that they are trying to avoid - brands and programmers must reach beyond the traditional and embrace new, powerful forms of storytelling communications.

"Branded content" or "entertainment networks" can be built by creatively leveraging existing media assets, generating original programming, and encouraging consumer generated media. That programming can then be distributed in a number of ways - by the brand itself, via syndication with other sites and networks, or through the right social media worlds. And finally, how individuals engage with that content should be monitored and measured in real time in order to inform changes that should be considered for the programming, network or campaign.

These solutions can be integrated with more traditional media to create a powerful, effective and ongoing program that promotes the creation and sharing of content and story. For instance, an online web event or broadcast program could drive awareness to a live event. The live event would provide additional content for more online programming distributed at the website and through partner sites, blogs and social networks, and generate real-time micro-blogging from influencers. Then, that programming series could inspire a consumer generated media campaign, the unique and passionate stories of which would go on to fuel new print, broadcast and digital coverage and programming.

(e.g.) ventures understands and capitalizes on new technologies and communication platforms in order to create the kinds of branded content and integrated programming experiences that grab the attention of a relevant audience (no matter the age), engage them continuously on an emotional level, and build deep brand loyalty.

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