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Action vs. Inertia

It's not just in the world of physics that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. The same can be said about the way people often react to a brand, program, product, or expensive marketing campaign. In a media-flooded environment where people are being bombarded with thousands of messages and options daily, unless you are saying the right thing to the right person at the right moment, nobody is going to sit up and take notice.

It starts with the brand story (the articulation of the brand as narrative) that is aggressively and deeply seeded in brand beliefs and ideas that reflect the internal compass of the organization. It is a story that must be uniquely defensible. Without the right (and true) brand story, any creative execution will be less than if could be.

Similarly, crafting the story and accompanying communications architecture for a brand isn't sufficient. Understanding how to engage with the entire programming, product and communications teams, both inside and outside the company, is critical to a fully leveraged and integrated campaign. This means working with inside teams as well as various outside organizations - from PR to advertising to events and sponsorships agencies. And it means engaging deeply with the company's product, programming and technology organization, as well as with the existing distribution and business partners.

(e.g.) ventures uses a holistic approach to developing and executing brand stories. We combine digital savvy with traditional techniques to produce individualized messages and fully integrated campaigns that can be deployed through the appropriate media portfolio. This approach has proved successful for both start-up ventures and large corporations.

brand story & communications
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