business & technology strategy

Roadmap vs. Guesswork

Ever wished you had a GPS system for your business? One that could inform you about potential obstacles, provide alternative routes around unexpected change, offer guidance for different situations, and help pilot your team?

Finding the coordinates of that elusive sweet spot where products, programming and technologies intersect with business needs and the ideal customer experience is no easy task. Markets are dynamic. Audience interests shift. Technology disrupts. New brands need to find their unique difference so they can not only swim as fast as, but perhaps even gobble up the bigger fish. And the big fish need to understand that their spot on the food chain is no longer guaranteed.

(e.g.) ventures has worked with companies of all sizes to take into account their unique situations and formulate and execute both short term and long-term business, technology, programming, and vision blueprints, as well as the tactics necessary to forge ahead. Through the development and leadership of such insight-eliciting experiences as executive "jam-sessions" or business and creative summits, we help companies find and implement new paths for the realization of their business and creative goals.

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