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Participants vs. Spectators

Whether it takes place in the real world, online or both, an event gives people a personal opportunity to connect deeply with a brand experience. These can take the form of a one-time extravaganza, or they can evolve over time as part of a larger continuity campaign. Either way, it's one of the most powerful ways for individuals to develop a tangible emotional connection with a brand, create powerful memories, and lay the foundation for personal stories that are passed along to friends.

Real world events (live, webcast or broadcast) can be made even more powerful when combined with a digital media plan that includes pre-promotion and awareness campaigns. And the event itself can be used to generate relevant digital content, programming and conversation that can be distributed online - thereby extending reach and engagement beyond the sometimes restricted geographic and time boundaries of the physical world.

(e.g.) ventures has created experiences and events around the world, often in partnership with live global event producer Michael Witlin Associates, ranging from intimate high-level executive gatherings to large-scale consumer engagements with hundreds of thousands of attendees. Some of the once in a lifetime experiences we've worked on include Peter Gabriel's WOMAD Tour, the 25th Anniversary of Woodstock, Apple's New Media Forum, and press events in cities including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cannes, Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles.

experiences & events
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