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Relevant vs. Mass

There is little debate that the days of one-way communication using only the 30-second TV ad and the glossy magazine spread have ended. Today, there are dozens of ways for companies to interact with people beyond old-school approaches. After all, what's the value of viewers or impressions if they don't lead to action? More and more, companies and programmers are learning that the most effective media isn't necessarily the kind that reaches the most people, it's the kind that reaches the right people.

In considering content development, distribution options, and audience touch points, brands today have a whole portfolio of solutions available to them. Some options have or are just reaching the tipping point of mainstream relevance — like branded content, digital video, blogs, micro-blogging, blog networks, social networks, consumer generated media, out-of-home screens and live events. Others are about having the vision to see new forms of programming that can be delivered via already ubiquitous mobile and gaming platforms. And some approaches may simply be about looking at radically new ways to use traditional media and integrate them with the digital world.

(e.g.) ventures can help you navigate these sometimes murky waters, and map out the most effective, engaging way to reach your audience, as well as produce the relevant programming. We have significant experience in strategizing and creating media and content; identifying appropriate digital distribution networks; engaging partners; and working in the live, interactive, and broadband spaces.

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